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A.E.C. Edmonton

Residential & Commercial Remodeling

Recreating Dream Homes That Last

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Our Services

  • Residential & Commercial                                                

  • Complete Remodelling                                                         

  • Home Inspections including Mould & Asbestos testing                                                                                

  • From Concept to Design to Build and Completion                

  • Canada Government Retrofit Assessment 




& Accountable

About Us

Newel Residential Remodeling

Our clients reap the benefits of  30 + years of residential and commercial construction experience. Unlike other companies who have ties to certain building products we have ties to none. This allows us to recommend a wide verity of products. We provide straight forward uncomplicated advise, we take the time to explain the plusses and or minuses of your project whether it be for resale value or for long term use.  

Recent Projects


A.E.C. guided me through the process and eliminated unnecessary  and costly work that was recommended by other contractors. The end result was I saved some money and was very happy with the finished product. I am already looking at my next project and my first call will be to A.E.C.

J. McGregor

We hired AEC to do a thorough inspection of our home before we tackled our remodelling project and I will say it was money well spent. They provided us with a detailed written report that we reviewed with them and they answered any questions we had. Several contractors advised us that we would have to spend thousands fixing problems, AEC's report saved us those thousands and we were able to move forward with our remodelling, in the end we are very happy we chose AEC.

Wade & Mary

With three kids and one on the way we had to seriously look at either moving or putting on an addition to the house. With a fairly tight budget, A.E.C. took the time to meet with us and provide us with a lot of great advise and a few ideas that we never considered. Although we did not get everything we wanted we did get our project done on time and on budget ready for the new addition to our family to arrive.  The experience that A.E.C. brought to the table really helped us make choices that made the difference to our project and kept us within our budget.   

Christine Parker

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