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Project Management Program

Our PM program was designed to achieve two simple goals,

save our clients money and provide transparency

surrounding their project. 

The benefits of our PM program are simple you pay no markup on any products or services
Simply put you pay what we pay

Contractors add a percentage to all sub-trade work. Looking at it from another perspective, they will make a profit by doing nothing but calling in the sub-trade.  With our PM Program, we do all the research for you and organize all the trades and services. We guarantee in writing that you only pay the invoiced costs for all products or services. We know that budgets are tight these days and we designed this program to help you achieve your goals while not breaking the bank.  

Getting Started with the PM program

Getting started is simple, once you reach out to us regarding our Project Manager Program we assign one of our highly experienced project managers to your file and they proceed to set up your first meeting.  Your assigned  Project Manager will help with every aspect of your project from design suggestions to budget to product selection and more. 

First Meeting

The first meeting is the most important meeting as the PM will strive to get a full picture of your vision and goals. The takeaway from this meeting will allow the PM to start sourcing all the right materials and trades for your project and ensure that everything will meet all the current building code requirements. 


The biggest part of most projects is the budget. The budget dictates everything from style to quality but most importantly ensuring every aspect of your project complies with all local building codes, with no shortcuts or substandard work. The knowledge and experience that your PM brings to the table will prove to be invaluable, You will receive complete professional guidance from start to finish. 

Trades &   Sub trades

When it comes to trades and sub-trades, we ensure that all trades and sub-trades are licensed, ticketed, and insured including WCB.  Most importantly we ensure that all trades are qualified to perform the tasks required to complete your project.   

Our Team
is your

What do you get when you engage our team. You get a team of people who are dedicated to making your project a success. We review all trade contracts ensuring that they are fully detailed, for the task they are bidding on, with no hidden surprises. Our fee covers all site meetings, research of all materials and perform all administrative work, phone calls, site inspections and much much more. From start to finish we take the stress out of your project. 

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